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Carate Base Camp.

In December 2022, we opened our second base camp and took our next big step as an organization! The Carate Base Camp (also known as the Mariposa Azul) is right on Playa Carate, and allows our field team to cover this area of the beach that is logistically complicated to reach from Rio Oro (our original base camp location). This project is also responsible for managing our sea turtle hatchery that can hold up to 300 nests, focusing on protecting nests from predation by domestic dogs, as well as collecting temperature data as part of our climate change research.

This camp is also nestled in the heart of the Carate community, close to the local school and plaza, as well as the homes of a number of local families and ecolodges. This project allows us to keep more in touch with the community, and give some extra focus on education and sustainable development to compliment our conservation efforts.

We provide short term volunteering opportunities on the Carate Base Camp, focusing on 1 - 2 week placements.

The Mariposa Azul Base Camp is equipped with:

  • Clean drinking water

  • Single beds

  • Shared accommodation

  • Shower and toilet block

  • WiFi

  • Basic solar power

  • Handwashing laundry station

  • Parking / camping area

  • Communal area​​

  • Fully equipped kitchen

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