Research Assistants

What does it mean to be a Research Assistant?

Our work could not happen without the help of our dedicated team of research assistants. They are not only involved in each aspect of life on-site, but also heavily involved in the local community.

Don't have a background in science? No problem! While the research assistants lead the data collection and management, there are many other necessary roles here:

Conservation Assistants:

Candidates should have prior experience with sea turtle conservation in the field, or a strong biological background and eager to learn. Role will involve morning and night patrol work (long hours during high season), hatchery and hatchling management, training and/or supervising volunteers, carrying out environmental education activities, data input and analysis. 


Marketing/Promotion Assistants:

Individuals that are able to assist us in spreading the word about our project, and encouraging other people to come out and help. Role will involve managing social media pages, searching for collaborators, sponsors and sources of funding, assisting in recruitment of volunteers to help with the project, coordinating any promotional activities or campaigns, website design/updating. 


Volunteer Coordinators:

Members of the team who can manage others and coordinate the activities of the group. It is also very important that volunteers and assistants have an amazing time enjoying beautiful Costa Rica as well as working hard on the project, so the volunteer coordinator should be able to make their experience memorable! Role will involve coordinating volunteers prior to departure, helping with any travel arrangements, coordinating their daily activities and work schedule, planning free time activities, project logistics (food delivery, finances etc.). 


Permaculture Developer:

Permaculture is something new to us, therefore we will require volunteers that already have a strong knowledge of permaculture practices and are willing to work hard to get this project going from scratch. Local staff and general volunteers will be there to support with the manual side in their time outside of conservation activities. Role will involve designing a basic permaculture start-up project that will be easy to manage using the project’s resources, teaching others about permaculture practices and their benefits for sustainable living, looking into ways we can improve the productivity of the area and making positive changes to our lifestyle, and waste management assistance (composting, recycling, upcycling etc.). 


Community Development Assistants: The community is the driving force behind this project, and we will need assistants to help to develop the community support side of the project. Role will involve giving English or computation classes, searching for training schemes that the local staff could undertake (first aid, construction, management of tourists, working in a team etc.), support with any other areas that could help provide our local staff with more opportunities or a better quality of life. 

Research assistants must be able to function independently and work at least 6 days a week, if not all 7 days on some occasions. Especially in between the months of July-October when we are in our busiest season for sea turtle nesting. We ask that research assistants commit to at least three months here.

We are also looking for individuals who can hold a conversation in Spanish due to our major involvement in the community. While a person may feel they can handle this we ask that you highly consider the commitment you are applying to.

Want to join our team? Download and complete the application below! Please send to with " *your name* RA Application" in the subject line.


Click here for the English application

Click here for the Spanish application