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Our Mission.

Conservation and research on nesting sea turtle populations.

  • Increase hatching success rates by protecting nests and in extreme cases, relocating nests to hatcheries. 

  • Increasing the chances of hatchlings reaching mature adulthood.

  • Reduce predation and poaching rates on our beaches by carrying out regular patrols.

  • Helping turtles that have suffered injuries as a result of bycatch, pollution, and damages from boats, other animals, or natural causes. 

  • Regular beach clean ups where we reuse garbage that is washed up on the beach and recycle the rest. 

  • Collecting data and conducting research to influence policy makers and to fill in information gaps in scientific research studies.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • COPROT is actively working on 5 of the UN SDGs to help support the maintenance of a healthy planet.

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SDG 8.png
SDG 14.png
SDG 13.jpg
SDG 12.png

Community involvement in conservation.

  • Provide better jobs with a steady income to people in the community. Specifically gold miners and ex poachers.

  • Educate locals on the importance of conservation within their community, to promote safe practices of ecotourism, and be more aware of plastic consumption and littering.

  • Provide English lessons to improve the lives of locals and to help community members take on leading roles in our project for tours, education, and manage overseas volunteers. 

  • Offer other services or tours, outside of turtle conservation, so that other community organizations may have a substantial income as well from ecotourism.

Education and activism.

  • Promote environmentally responsible and sustainable economic opportunities

  • Leverage social media to promote environmental responsibility and awareness

  • Contributing to the advancement of local and national policy to further the Osa Peninsula's dedication to ecological sustainability

  • Developing and applying innovative methods for environmental research, conservation, and protection

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