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Do you want to help us on our misson? There are so many different ways you can support our projects!

Click on the icons below for different ways of making us a direct donation, or scroll down for our CR account information, nest adoptions and more!


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Cryptocurrency donations

Adopt a nest.


COPROT is commited to protecting as many nests as possible on the beaches of the Osa Peninsula, so on occasions we relocate nests laid in high risk locations from the beach to our sea turtle hatchery on Playa Carate.. Here the eggs can incubate safely under the watch of our field team, and when they hatch we can release the hatchlings down to the ocean. We can also use the hatchery as a research tool, and we are able to monitor the nests with temperature readers. These can register the temperatures inside of the nests throughout their incubation period and across the entire sea turtle nesting season.

You are able to adopt a nest in our sea turtle hatchery, which provides the much financial support for this conservation and research project. The adption options can be found below, and don't forget to tell your friends! 



You receive:

  • Your own sea turtle nest to sponsor!

  • Email updates and information on your nest

  • Notification when your nest hatches, and the data on your sea turtle hatchlings!


You receive:

  • A sea turtle nest to sponsor with a temperature data logger!

  • Email updates and information on your nest

  • Notification when your nest hatches, with the data on the hatchlings and the nest temperatures throughout the incubation period.




You receive:

  • Email updates and information on your nest

  • Personalized plaque in our hatchery
  • A recognition post on our social media pages
  • A live video call with our field team

The VIP nest adoption works great as a gift, or as a way of showing your business' commitment to conservation!

To adopt a sea turtle nest or receive more information, email or click here:


Other donation options.

If you would like to donate an amount that will allow us to fund a larger project, or you just have something in particular that you would like to donate to, here are some suggestions:

  • $175: support the salary of a local person (1 week)

  • $400: sponsor a beach clean 

  • $650: vocational training for community members

  • $700: support the salary of a local person (1 month)

  • $1000: sponsor a castration clinic (30 animals)

  • $4500: sponsor an ATV for use on our project

  • $6000: sponsor a cabina (materials and labor)

Any donation, no matter how small you may feel it is, means a lot to us! You may also like to send us something from our Amazon Wish List:


If you have any kitchenware, bedding materials, planting seeds, or other housing materials you are not using we would love to take those off your hands as well! Just send us an email to and we can send you an address to send them to. There is a post office in our nearest town of Puerto Jimenez where we are able to receive packages and letters.

Bank transfer details:
Bank Name: Bank of Costa Rica (BCR)
Account Name (Organization): Fundacion Latitud Diez
Cedula Juridica: 3-006-772887
Account Number: 001-2664201-8
Bank Address: Bank of Costa Rica Avenida Central y Segunda, calles 4 y 6 San José, Costa Rica.
UID (Universal ID): 019339
IBAN: CR64015202001266420181

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