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Get in touch with the team member that you feel will best be able to answer your questions.

Jordan Gledhill
Senior Project Coordinator


Contact for: Volunteering, Tours & Visits, Adopt-A-Nest, Donations, Collaborations
, General Enquiries.


Lucia Heredero
Research Manager


Contact for: Data Enquiries, Permits & Protocols, Research Opportunities, Master's Projects and Studentships.

Alba Lopez
Carate Base Manager


Contact for: Community Activities, Education & Outreach, National Student Opportunities,
Plastic Project.

Laura Exley


Contact for: Human Resources, Media & Marketing, Fundrasing, Events & Festivals, Communications

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General enquiries:

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As a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, we rely on donations to carry out our many initiatives. Please consider donating to our cause!

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