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What is the weather like?

While we would love to describe the Osa as a tropical paradise all the time, rain is inevitable here... it is the RAINforest after all! However, we can thank the rain for the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Raincoats, ponchos, and rainboots are helpful however dry bags are key to any adventure in this area. Be sure to pack one, but also know that you can never have too many! You can expect the weather to be humid during the day. Because of this, we recommend bringing dri-fit and quick-dry items to ensure comfort during your stay!

What should I pack?

What you pack will depend on the duration of your trip, but the following packing list is a good place to start:

  • dry bag(s)

  • water bottle

  • head torch with red light function

  • long dark pants (for night patrols)

  • dark tops (for night patrols)

  • tall socks (key for night patrols and bug protection)

  • waterproof sandals/shoes

  • quick dry towel

  • lightweight shorts and tops

  • rain coat

  • swimsuit

  • solar power bank

Any advice for how to avoid bug bites?

If we are being honest, insect repellent does not really work here. It sounds crazy to wear long pants in the jungle, but the best way to avoid being bit at night is pants and socks! The bugs here love going after the ankles, so protecting them is important!

Will I definitely see a turtle on patrol?

We never want to make any guarantees... it is Mother Nature after all! However, we have nesting turtles (and therefore hatchlings!) year round, so the odds of seeing activity are good when timed correctly with the tides.

When is the best time to visit?

We are proud to be one of the most important solitary nesting beaches for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles! While they nest year round on our beaches, July to November marks their "high season" meaning that we see the most nesting females during this time. Consequently, September to December is the high season for Olive Ridley hatchlings. Please be aware that this coincides with rainy season, which peaks in September. The high season for green nesting sea turtles is from October to March, with December to May being the best time to see green hatchlings. Although it is more rare, we do see green sea turtles year round, so if you're lucky you may get to see one too!

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