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sustainability. productivity. diversity.

The concept of permaculture is centered around the idea of creating  a stable community through "permanent agriculture". We have started a small-scale  agriculture project on-site and are continuously working to produce more of our own food, as well as improving the productivity and sustainability of the surrounding land area.

This project has already had a huge and immediate impact on the community, as all of the individuals involved in the project have now ceased to enter the National Park for gold mining activities for over a year, and we have next to no poaching (<2%) observed on the part of the beach where we have been working since initiating the project. This is an excellent way to get local people truly integrated into conservation, and raises awareness on the benefits of environmental protection. 

We partner directly with local farmers to share seeds, knowledge, and methodology to improve practices for people across the peninsula. The eventual goal of this initiative is to support the needs of the camp, contribute to our zero-waste vision, and serve as a model to other projects. Such a feat is daunting task, but together we can make it our reality.

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